Whats Brewing In Your Kitchen?

May 7, 2016


I love food.

And to try various cuisines and other recipes especially when they are healthy.

But cooking is something i started out of necessity rather than passion and interest but still its something that i like experimenting and expertise in.So lets call it a journey for now..a journey about exploring new tastes and health friendly recipes and ingredients along with the occasional indulgences which we cannot live without.

Often we find that we are raised in a particular cuisine married to another cuisine fall in love with yet another and finally end up in our own newly created family cuisine.And the cycle starts again.And hence women who do the most of the cooking get bored and tired of the same cooking and dishes that we get accustomed to.And for me here lies the problem.When there are million ingredients and thousands of recipes why should you just get bored for a lifetime and feed your family in an unhappy unsatisfied way??We always opt to change many matters of our home on a seasonal basis but usually ignores the kitchen.Its really awkward because actually its where we spend so much time.Right?

So its a good idea to experiment and explore the new tastes occasionally at home..Maybe some guys will stick to your recipe book for a lifetime love.

So this section is some of my tried and tested recipes from my family,BH family,blog family and friends family as well..

I would really like to remind here that i am no recipe developer so far(in fact i follow instructions of recipes word by word) and most of the recipes would be from blog world(of course with proper attribution) which i have tried and has been real success at my home.

This is my humble effort to keep my own recipes organized and to help my readers cut short their googling effort for a good/easy/healthy drink or meal or whatever.

Hope this helps 🙂

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