Towards Reclaiming Health

July 13, 2016


To keep the body in good health is a duty..otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear..


During our Medicine studies, we often noticed that majority of the people who seek treatment were women.While looking at the queue before the outpatient units we always wondered why is it above 80 percent of the queue women.And most of them of middle-aged and above.Yeah there can be explanations like men don’t find time to come to hospital and wait or women are more complaining.

But in your very own family and friend circles you see the situation is same.And usually their sickness was not much of a specific name or category.It was like pains that travel randomly, sprains that come and go, aches that never seem to go.To brief,they were just unhappy about their health.They seemed depressed and desperate that their good life is squeezed out.That they become old in their thirties and forties.

And as a girl I always felt sad about that.

Years passed.And life changed from that girl to a wife and to a homemaker.And with time I forgot that tinge of sadness those ‘ladies only’ rows left in me.Until I myself felt that I am about to claim a spot on those rows.The thirties are just to knock on the door and alas I am already in the list!!

And this realisation didn’t come all of a sudden.I knew it when few stairs made me pant like anything.I knew it when my mother and mil do their chores without tiring whereas I am done within minutes of doing them.I knew it when I had to walk around during our holiday trips.And even after when I tried to slip in some exercise, I knew the extent of harm I have done to myself when I couldn’t even do some exercises which my friends easily did.It was a tough realisation.But it is true and I shall face it.

Well this post is not about an open confession.Such confessions are not going to benefit either or any of us.The point to be made is that situation is demanding some real action.I have been going through so much of the books and blogs and videos regarding this for sometime.And i quite felt good to share some things regarding health to you.



Health is not just numbers.Whether it be the number on the weighing machine or over the measuring tape.

It is true that they can act as indicators about your health.But never depend on them as the final word about your fitness.Each individual has a different configuration which often cannot be considered in physical measurements.Sometimes it doesn’t show any abnormality in those scales but yet if you feel tired and undernourished or drowsy and too much to handle, then you should see yourself what is wrong with the health and act upon.

Don’t wait to act till the scales show an abnormality or dont wait to be happy till the scales come up with normal values.


Health is not a destination.It is the entire journey.

The world around has set our mindset like that.Loosing five pounds in a week or gaining weight in a month or further ahead achieving healthy skin in two weeks and thus goes the articles and so.We have accepted health to be something we gain in a period of time and sit back to watch to see things turn ugly again.No.Health is like life.You care about it as long as you live and taking care of it is a beautiful journey for you as is your life.Enjoy the moments of healthy living rather than tying up all happiness with the end results.


Health is happiness.Being healthy and being sad don’t go together.

Healthy foods are tasteless and bland.Healthy habits are being hard on ourselves.Healthy living is a no celebration life.Howsoever little we know of being healthy,we manage to know these facts from the beginning.

But it is a proven fact that healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand.So if you are feeling sick at heart or unhappy and frustrated just because you are trying to live healthy way,it is more probable that you are doing a mistake.That is why deprivation diet is not a good healthy option.And that is why if you are pushing foods to your mouth with disgust just to look chubby in the wedding album is not healthy either.Moderation is the key.And occasional slips are allowed.


Reclaiming health once lost is difficult but not impossible.

Healthy choices are tough to make but it is not because they are tough but it is because we are exaggerating the level of difficulty.A change in food or lifestyle is difficult for everyone,yeah a healthy eating guy find it difficult to choose junk food too,but that doesn’t mean it is impossible.With the right attitude to health it is possible any place or time or region you are in.
Age or the extent of unhealthiness is also not a barrier.They might demand some changes in how you reclaim health but never interfere with the question of can you reclaim it back.
It is never too late to walk back and live it all again.


Short cuts work for short terms and health is not a short-term affair.

Yeah.Diets or exercises or magic potions- everyshortcut might work but definitely for a short term.Unless you follow them immediately with your longterm changes which is really very rare.Short term changes might create wonders but often they do more harm by regaining everything immediately after or affecting it adversely on non target areas or over mind.When thinking of health,think of it as a lifestyle.


Every journey of reclaiming health is different and unique.

Yes.Everything is different for you and me.Dont just follow the books and rules blindly.Try and know which works for yourself and incorporate it in your routine as you can.Seek helps to see the various ways but choosing what works for you is entirely unique and up to you.Pick things that you love to do rather than those that “worked”.


Health is more of mind than body.

Finally I would stress this over and over again.Health is not something we achieve for the body size and external appearance.We should never think healthyliving is for those who are either struggling with weight issues or for sick people.Making healthy choices is for everyone.We need to respect our body and care about what we stuff it with.And we need to make it capable for the best when in action.


Being healthy is being mindful of our life.It is the journey to live each second to the fullest.Just because we carry some bags or just because we faint at slightest exertion due to undernutrition,we should not miss the life happening outside.

Make healthy choices and go grab the L.I.F.E.




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