The Shapes Of Eid According To Me-A Book Review

June 27, 2016


Title:The Shapes Of Eid According To Me

Genre: Children’s Books(Age 3+)

Author: Samia Khan

Illustrator: Maria Ahmed

Publisher: Prolance,California,USA (June 2016)

Pages: 26

Price: $17.00

ISBN: 978-0-9962457-6-0

In a nutshell: A very simple yet educational storyline on Eid and various shapes with perfect illustrations that keep your child involved till the end.


We tend to remember things that are told along a storyline. Being a highschool teacher herself, author Samia Khan clearly knows this age-old tip of keeping things in memory.

Through her book,the author is inviting everyone who believe learning should be both interesting and efficient at the same time  for the kids.

The main character is a small child who narrates her Eid celebrations in her own little world.From the very beginning of witnessing crescent moon amidst the five-pointed stars to the rectangular greeting card and triangular samosas during the Eid day , she narrates the traditions and celebrations of Eid in her family with the help of more than a dozen shapes which our kids can easily relate and recall.


And the brilliant illustrations by Maria Ahmed makes it a visual treat as well for the kids.The rhyming in the lines helps in the easy flow of the story making it a good hearing and reading experience as well.

Yet the best part is how this simple one day tale concludes with your child learning the best of all the shapes in the whole world.Any guess what shape it is?

Do check it out and find for yourselves. 🙂

Grab your copies at Amazon or the Prolance Bookstore now.










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