Seven Lessons The Konmari Method Taught Me

August 26, 2017
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The Konmari Method.

This Japanese method of decluttering and organizing was introduced by Marie Kondo who used the first part of her name initials to name the method, Konmari. This system created a massive positive vibe after her first book, the life changing magic of tidying up. If you are interested to read a summary, feel free to read it here on my blog. 

After coming across many vlogs and blogs about the Konmari method, I was curious to give it a read. And truly that was life changing for me as the method unfolded itself breaking many paradigms I had about decluttering and organizing.

People criticize her method for various seemingly awkward steps she follows including treating socks with respect and talking to things we intend to discard. And there are times I felt way too much in the book. But that never reduces the potential of the Konmari method as an obvious tool of changing our lives. Because the concepts she teaches about in it are truly life-saving. 

So here are my seven lessons from the Konmari method of Marie Kondo and her book. I hope you find it beneficial as I did.


This is the first lesson or if the only lesson you take away from her method. Throwing away the things that clutter our home is an age old practice. But often what comes along with it is a baggage of emotional and practical reasons of why we should not throw it away. Though we know that we no longer use it, we tend to keep it with excuses like “maybe we will use it someday or how can I throw away things which are not broken or torn and the like.

Konmari focuses on choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of. And to choose what to keep is by taking that thing and asking yourself- ‘Does this spark Joy?” If it does keep it or else dispose it. It teaches us to love ourselves more than the commodity.That attitude of keeping things that serve you or create happiness for you is the first step to living intentionally in our homes.


This is so relieving for me. Being a stay at home woman, I despise spending so much of the daily time on tidying and cleaning up. There are hundreds of other things I feel to do daily but often the day gets over with those household chores that extend till midnight.

But Marie Kondo tells us a different story. She advocates a method in which we clean up and tidy massively for one time in a go and then spend rest of our life uncluttered and organized. Indeed we will have to spend a little time daily on putting away things as we use but that will take a few minutes of a day after doing a Konmari decluttering.


This is a different rule of tidying up which we learn in Konmari. We usually tidy up room by room. Konmari asks us to do it by category. Instead of cleaning up bedroom then kitchen, here in Konmari, we do it, like first clothes then books etc.

The whole process acts like this. First, we choose the category, say clothes, to declutter and organize. Now we collect all the clothes in the home- that in the bedroom cupboard, on the coat hanger, the kitchen towels, and everything.Gather it all in one place. Now you need to take each of them in our hand and ask yourself whether you feel joy keeping that.If yes keep it, or take the plunge and discard all the rest. And do this category by category in an order Marie suggests- Clothes, books, papers, komono or miscellany, and lastly mementos or sentimental goods- according to ease of decision making.

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I am not a hoarder. At least about dresses. But when I did Konmari on my clothes category, as I gathered all my dresses from all the cupboards and bags, I just realized how much I had. It was way more than I need. When things are scattered at different places, we often don’t realize this and splurge again in what we already have too much of. 

And as now we know we possess too much, we realize why our homes are decluttered and how keeping things that spark joy can be freeing at the same time.It is true there is no void gratitude can’t fill.


This is another myth we grow up with. For years an organized and decluttered home meant a home filled with clever storage solutions for me. And what happens with such a lame concept is that we tuck away all the extra and unnecessary things in beautiful storage boxes and imagine all things sorted out.Until those storage boxes overflow and next decluttering begin. Konmari calls storage experts are hoarders. And if you have piles of things in cardboard boxes above every room you know what I am talking about. So we need to discard things first and then store things we really need or love.

After discarding everything you don’t love, next step is storing things you love. Store them in specific places and without scattering them.  Each category shall have one specific place so that you can put away things easily and you know where things are when you need them.

We often fall into the trap of storing things according to the frequency of use and ease of taking them out.  But the fact is that we need to focus on ease of putting it back. When the storage is focused in one place, it is easier to remember to put it back. 


This is a lesson I learned in my Kon Mari experience. Applying Kon Mari in few of my categories including clothes and paper documents clutter, felt like freeing myself for my own matters. While we get to do Konmari we realize what all we loved all these years and that helps us to know who we really are. It can be an enlightening moment for many of us regarding our true passion and love.

When I was sorting my clutter, I realized I had bought dozens of notebooks all these years. This love of writing and pages has been with me all these years. I knew I loved it but definitely not to this extent. 


I hate the idea of spending life on organizing and tidying daily unless you are a passionate organizer who does it as a profession, like MarieKondo or the organizing bloggers and vloggers. Otherwise, it is just a chore we spend too much of our good time of our life.

The Konmari method proposes to do this organizing and tidying up chore in one go and get over with it. This creates time for us to pour into our passion and start doing things we really love. And as Marie says, a tidy home shouldn’t be our destination. It is only a tool that helps our mission of life, whatever it be.

Did you enjoy these seven tips?

Comment and lemme know what you think.

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  1. Wow this Kon Mari method seems to be calling out my name lol. Never heard about it before, but by the way you explained it, I’m quite appalled to try it out myself. Your tips were seriously life-savings and unique. Thank you for this and for making me buy yet another self-help book lol!

    1. Aww thank you so much for the feedback. I greatly recommend her book on Konmari if you already loved my post. She explains her ideas in a very convincing way there☺

  2. This is a very useful post, thank you for writing this. I liked reading about the lessons of the book in a bite-sized post. I remember when I started gathering all my notebooks I realized why my father started saying “no” when I wanted to get new ones, because he knew before I did that I already had so many that were still waiting to be used. The human psyche is a funny thing.

    1. I am so glad that you found this helpful.💕You are right. We are so much controlled by our mind or aspirations than we imagine.

  3. Some great tips here…. I’m all for decluttering and having some order about he home… it’s actually getting around to starting that holds me back… procrastination at it’s finest! 🙂

    1. Oh I feel it exactly! One of the reasons I grabbed this book from the bookstore was that I kept procrastinating decluttering so loong. And the time lag only made it worse. And to my surprise I did the decluttering within days after reading this book.😀

  4. I love her folding method – I’ve never looked back! I disagree with only holding on to things that spark joy though, but she has some interesting points 😊

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