June 26, 2016


During 23 years of the Prophetic period of life,Prophet spent nearly 13 years in Mecca and the last 10 years in Medina.So Quran was sent down first 13 years in Mecca and prophet was followed there by a minority and later towards the end of Meccan life many people of Medina accepted Islam and prophet moves to Medina and establishes a state in Medina and rest of Quran is revealed there.So obviously,Meccan portions of Quran is the primary message of Islam and Medina portion deals primarily with the rules and etiquettes to be followed within the empire of Islam.

That is a short introduction to above verses.

This Ramadan we had an intention to read Quran the order it was revealed.It was just out of curiosity and a desire to know what and how it might had been affecting the society then.It was my sister’s idea and thankfully it was the best decision for me this Ramadan.The journey is continuing,All Praises To Him,and i am already awestruck about the first portions revealed.

If i had to tell you the message of first 25 surahs/roughly chapters of Quran,it is the above verses.Yeah,I knew Quran was serious about treating orphans well,about helping people,about spending money for good..I knew they all mattered in Islam.But it was amazing to know year after year,day after day,verse after verse,our Lord was mentioning to be good to poor and to be selfless about wealth and ego and to make us feel Islam is not a set of rituals that we follow outwards but a code that brings goodness in society.

And these verses were explaining about the people who were betraying faith and counting  their reasons for Hell punishment.These were being sent down to Meccan people who were keeping countless idols in Holy Kaaba back then, and who were so shameless to do rituals in that Holy place naked as a part of their traditions.And it struck me that Lord was concentrating over this social injustice rather than any of the other abovementioned misdeeds of them.We just read those first surahs and the impression that remain in us is about how to be responsible with our money and possessions and how seriously we need to channelise our efforts to be helpful to the needy.

And it is not out of sympathy.The word in Arabic is “thukrimoon” meaning honoring and respecting the orphans.You cant give off some money and respect them.You need to give them a respected way of sustenance and allow them to live their life on their own instead of making them a dependent part of society.I wonder where the followers of Islam stand when it comes to that!!At times is not that true we just do the opposite in the very name of Islam??It is not a help but a duty, a duty if unfulfilled is strong enough to take us to Hell as those chapters say.

And it is often not said you don’t help the poor,instead it says,”you don’t encourage or urge feeding the poor”.So none can sit back if we see someone needy in society.We often think that we are not wealthy enough to help them.But to encourage,to pave a way for the needy,to urge people towards caring the needy,we don’t have any excuse over that.

And all those verses in the beginning find the love of wealth as the root of all the evil.And it is true till date and will be for all the years coming.We are in so much love with our wealth and possessions that we think these all are just for ourselves and just live our own life without giving a thought about how we can be a help for others or how we can bring solutions to problems around and live amassing everything and die emptyhanded.Ridiculous!!

No.Iam not professing a give away everything life.As said you can’t give some money and respect people or pave way for the needy or gain a selfless attitude about your wealth.It is a constant reminder in our life that we can’t just sit back and do nothing about when the whole world is in chaos or some kind of helplessness and just do some rituals or keep some signs like hijab and think ourselves as people of Quran.

And I find it intentional that Prophet Muhammad was himself an orphan and how Lord has chosen to respect him to be the ‘Most Praised One’-that is what Muhammad means in Arabic.

And He knows best.

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