June 24, 2016


There are many things I find fascinating about Islam.If I were to choose a favourite amongst those it would be how strongly this faith addresses our intellect.Knowledge is the primestone of this faith.And this beautiful feature of Islam is obviously present in Holy Quran from its very beginning.

The first verses (the verses above are the first 5 verses sent down in Quran)sent down to Prophet Muhammad(s) started with the word—“READ…”Isn’t it enough for us to realize where we should start when we start following our faith?Prophet Muhammad(s) himself was an illiterate person as the rest of Arabia where Holy Quran was delivered by the Creator.History quotes that Arabia then was in darkness and backwardness despite being the neighbour of many developed empires around.And within 23 years of Quranic revelation(Quran was revealed in a span of 23 years)this bunch of illiterate mob led by yet another illiterate leader transforms into a society that frames the worlds first written constitution(1)(2) not to mention the moulding of the best and just rulers like Umar (r).Holy Quran inspired them to be the best in knowledge and its just application for a better world.

Quran constantly reminds us with the question-“Are you not thinking?””Don’t you reflect?””This is enough to understand for the people of intellect” and so on.It asks us to be questioning and finding answers.It never appreciate blind followers rather as it says “Don’t pursue of what you have no knowledge”.

Quran reveals the story of creation of Adam(a), who was the first man placed on the earth.In this story,angels expresses their worries about bloodshedding men creating chaos on earth and Lord replies them showing that Adam has been taught and is knowledged and Angels are asked to bow to him.Yes,knowledge is what made us superior and fit for being the representative of Lord on the earth.

Quran emphasizes travelling the world and pondering over nature and history of the civilizations through yet another set of verses in many places.It urges us to think about many phenomenon around us and to reach God and submit to him thus.And thats why we see there is much importance given to gaining knowledge in prophetic traditions.Like for example the captured literate ones in battles were released if they teach one to read and write. 

This Ramadan while hovering over these verses,i wonder where do we stand in this strong appeal of Quran

How much time do we find to learn something after completing our formal education?How much even Muslims know what Quran says about matters of our life?At times how blindly we follow many traditions and customs and apply principles in our life without a thought or logic?

How far do we stay from things that makes this world a better place for the people around?How selfishly we stick to ourselves and ignore knowing the outside world?How pathetically we fail in being the true people of faith and character?

How desperately we allow ourselves to be the victim of oppressions?More than that how tragically we, the believers of the most merciful God and followers of the prophet who is defined as” the mercy to world”, become the aggressors ourselves in our own family,our own country and in this beautiful world??


Well,we need to start it from the beginning.





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