RamadanReflections #1

June 21, 2016



The eluding question is the aim of the life.If that question is well convincingly answered in our deep insides,everything fall into place.There are times when we are frantically busy chasing somethings in our life and amidst all the tensions and frustration during the chase,suddenly you step back and ask yourself, what am I chasing it for?why do I obsess over it??And if you get a convincing answer for this million dollar question to yourself,you feel good to go.Or else though you might win the chase you would still feel incomplete.Dissatisfied.Thats why there are millionaires who can’t find a good nights sleep.There are academicians who can’t understand their own selves and commit suicides.

We are born here not out of choice.We grow and live in some place we had no control over.And even in the choices we get we often don’t have a choice.Life often proves to us to be a set of situations.That boss who denied your resume is not your choice.The friend who cheated on you wasnt either your choice.And the dearest one who died didn’t leave your life with your consent.So either in your life or roles of being a mom,dad,sister or brother, or a spouse you had little choice..So where is these imperfections and accidents of our life leading us to??What is this whole drama about??Why am I here for things I didn’t choose myself?What is that I am supposed to do now and then??

I find this verse in the Holy Quran incredibly inspiring to move forward..in every situation i am in..God created life and death to testify who does well..In whatever situation you are in,whatever role you play here,the aim is to do the best you can..If you are a professional be the best professional you can be..Well if you land up in a situation where you never wanted to be, then look around and see what is the best thing you can do where you are..When you are playing the role of a student try being the best.As you move to be a family show up the best family man in you..Whatever life brings to you respond with the best effort you make..

And what about creating death to testify the pearls amongst us??There would be situations that demand us to be larger than life.When the death grins at you and your choice of ignoring the grin makes a great difference in some ones life..Recall those freedom martyrs of our own country.For those who lived the mediocre safe life felt their struggles futile and foolish..But their best deeds amidst those hardships and deathly situations then made them the legends ever.So when you feel terribly failed and down, when things don’t turn over as expected, pick up yourself and show what you still can do..

And still for some others who forget to realise this test during the good times of life and take life for granted,this death or the bad times can give a warning bell to spring in to action.How many times had sickness and pain guided you to self realisation?Have not you been forced to take a step back in life only to move forward two steps ahead?

And the Arabic word is ‘Ahsanu Amala’-the best of deeds..The creator expects us to do the best in all possible ways.No more average hollow trials.If you do,make sure to do the best.So whenever that question pops up in me–“Why Me??!!”,I reflect this verse of Wisdom and I am set to give another best shot.

And He knows best.




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