The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo- Book Review

July 30, 2017

I don’t exactly remember when I heard of the Konmari Method of tidying for the first time. I am a person who always loves having a decluttered and organized home and when I settled for myself, I remember reading all the organizing articles in the blogosphere. Maybe somewhere over those articles I first heard of Marie Kondo, the founder of the KonMari method- the name being just the term with her first and last names.

Marie Kondo is the leading Japanese Cleaning and Organizing Consultant who offer decluttering and tidying up solutions for her clients who happens to include individuals who struggle with keeping a tidy home like any of us and even firms and corporates who hire her to get things set. It is said she has months long waiting list for clients. And this book –The life changing magic of tidying up– is a must read book by Marie Kondo herself. This small but meticulous work of Marie Kondo is the Konmari Bible for the world to try it.



The book is a narration by Marie Kondo herself in a very systematized way to explain the Konmari method and how it brings magical changes in our life. The tone is very interactive and you get hooked to what you read. I was so obsessed to finish the book because the more I read the more I wanted to declutter and tidy my space. She not only teaches us how to but inspires us to take action and gets us do the job as soon as possible. Another favourite feature of the narrative is that Marie walks us through her client experiences and many times we feel like, “Oh it is so me” and hence the steps and tips seem so practical and they really are.


Putting it simply, Konmari method of tidying up is as Marie quotes “Start by discarding. Then organize your space, thoroughly, completely, in one go. “ And once you have done that, you will never return to clutter and your life change dramatically as Marie says.

The book begins with the introduction title of  Why can’t I keep my house in order where she busts many popular and common myths regarding tidying up. One of my favorite in that is that tidying up perfectly is not that comes with your genes or character or even experience. It is simply a matter of learning the right technique and using it. 

In this book, Marie asks us to see tidying up as a one-time event than a daily chore. Once we completely declutter our space and organize everything, then there is no room for clutter again. And this book walks us through all the tips and how to’s to make that happen. One of the most celebrated ideas is the question she framed to decide whether a thing is to be kept or discarded. And that question is “Does this spark joy?” And if it does that thing is good to keep and vice-versa. 

She advocates sorting things by category and not location and gives a hierarchy among the categories to do it and the order goes like clothes- books- papers- miscellaneous and last goods with sentimental value. And the book then takes us through each category to explain how to discard and sort and organize them each. It includes the unique Konmari method of folding clothes as well.

After complete ruthless discarding comes organizing. Marie insists on designating everything a place and not to scatter the storage spaces. And she brings upon many practical points on how to do it the way they are accessible easily but doesn’t clutter with time.

And finally, she talks about how this method of decluttering brings magic to our lives.  And this part is quite inspirational for us to start acting. The Kon Mari method boosts our decision-making capacity and a home in order and filled with things that spark joy for us will uplift our life. And as Marie Kondo clearly states now you can spend your precious time on things that matter to you most rather than this daily cleaning and tidying up. And that change of mindset to welcome only things that serve you and your purpose in life to your home and to your life is what this book leaves

And that change of mindset to welcome only things that serve you and your purpose in life to your home and to your life is what this book leaves with you.


As for the critical part, Marie treats all her possessions like living things and talks to them about discarding, which would seem too much for the readers at times. Yet that seems to be the part of the mindset she tries to create in the readers and of course we know what to take and what to get rid of from any book as well.


Well, after the reading and I guess that I finished the book in three days, I had a Konmari spree for which am really grateful for. But more than that, the best thing that happened after reading the book is the paradigm shift in you regarding your possessions, its value and to be the witness of the magic of living the purpose after we get our homes in order. And of course my Konmari trial was only a trial and I had real struggles doing them and there are lessons I still keep and also those I couldn’t follow. But overall, I like to go back again to read it and do it as per se.

More of my Konmari lessons and experiences later on the blog

So I highly recommend this book for anyone interested to reorganize their spaces. I also suggest this for someone who just feels overwhelmed by all things happening in life and stay confused on where to settle. Konmari clearly gives you a clarity on what to focus on for the better life. 

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on this?

Do you suggest any other organizing books?

Please do leave a comment below and let me know for myself. 




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