Hijab Review: HiddenPearls UK

January 28, 2018


I usually don’t buy clothes online.  It is just not an issue of trust about the brands or shops. When it comes to shopping clothes, I am obsessed with its quality and comfort- and somehow I feel both cannot be measured online. And I was living with this myth for years now. Till last year when Hiddenpearlsuk sent me their hijabs for review. And receiving them and using them has totally changed my thoughts about online shopping. The hijabs were everything they promised to be. And astonishingly way better than I expected.


For me, hijabs are to be large enough to serve its purpose, shall stay in its place and comfortable and not transparent.The hijabs from HiddenPearlsUK satisfied all these conditions especially the length and width are very satisfactory.

I chose to buy two different types of material- jersey and chiffon. I usually use the cotton ones and has always wanted to try chiffons which are trending amongst friends. Jersey type is new to me but had heard good reviews from people using them. So I thought why not give a try. Glad that I did.

One is a two-tone chiffon hijab- dusky pink and Spanish pink. It is so good for everyday use since they are lightweight and not at all bulky. I always thought about chiffon hijabs as material that doesn’t stay in place and will be thin and see through. But I must say both are misconceptions. They hold well like cotton ones and perfectly does its function of veiling.

Me in my two-tone chiffon hijab from HiddenPearlsUK


And the second one is plain navy blue jersey hijab. They are of lycra material and is perfect for everyday use where you just want to get “hijabed” on the go. No hassles of ironing and even no mess around pinning them. It stays well even without a hijab pin. If you are a regular hijab user you know what I mean. Even when we have all those fancy types of hijab, we need a few of on the go hijabs for immediate outings and unplanned emergencies. This is the one for me now. They are better suited for the cold weather but fine in regular weather too. 

 My Jersey Hijab from HiddenPearlsUK



The HIDDEN PEARLS Hijab online shop is more than just a hijab store. They have got various types of hijabs for various occasions- for weddings, parties, casual, winter, British, chic and more- and has them in numerous types of material- chiffon, jersey, cotton, glitter, pearl, polka, embroidered, crinkle and so on. Apart from hijabs, they sell hijab pins and accessories and under scarves of various types. There is an Islamic gift section too with customized gift boxes for him and her on special occasions. Everything is available in a wide range of price and so suits any and everybody.And they always have sales and offers over their website which makes it even more profitable.

Their website is all functional with all details about their goods and you can see an info box as you scroll down the first page. They have beautifully explained why they are the best hijab destination especially for the people residing in the UK. And anything that starts with a why is destined to stay. There is also an info section about various types of hijabs, styling, hijab pins and accessories which is helpful for people who are new to veil or even new to stylish modest wear.

The online shop experience was quite simple and easy with their user-friendly website. All the details including shipping details and return policy are given on the website clearly. And I found their customer service of good avail. 

Visit them and see for yourself.


Disclaimer: I was sent these hijabs by HiddenpearlsUK for review purpose. But all the opinions are entirely my own.


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