Build Your Arabic Vocabulary Set-Book Review

July 4, 2016


Title:    Build Your Arabic Vocabulary Set

Genre: Children’s Books(Age 2-7)

Author: Dr.Alia Khaled

Product Details:


Teaching Arabic language to kids is always a matter of concern for parents especially for non-Arabic-speaking people.And often due to inadequate facilities in schools regarding that ,books that teach kids Arabic come as life saviours for them.But yet it is often difficult to find books that satisfy both Arabic speaking and non-Arabic speaking people.

Dr.Alia Khaled, who is herself a native Arabic speaker, and founder of AlifBaa World is determined to make it easy and fun for the kids to learn Arabic.She has already been publishing many books like Arabic activity books and worksheets in that field.

Build Your Arabic Vocabulary Set- A set of four colorful and well illustrated books teaching kids basic Arabic letters,Numbers,Colours and Shapes respectively is her latest addition to this cause.It would help the kid to start building the Arabic vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.Each book is aptly arranged and the words are suitably selected and depicted to ensure easy and quick grasping for young brains.All chapters are accompanied with colourful pictures of things that the kids are familiar and fond of.

A very useful feature of the set is that each book has a page in the beginning to help the non-Arabic speaking parent to understand how each word sounds by providing the transliteration and English equivalents.

But a basic Arabic know how for the teaching parent is appreciated to get the most of it as the Arabic words are detailed without symbols or harakaats.Also there are limitations for English words to suit the sound of certain  Arabic words.

And did i say it would benefit the Arabic speaking kids as well?Well yeah because it introduces to lot more not so common words as well.

And what more..If you plan to build a library for your child this is a must book in the section of Languages if you don’t have one yet.And now is the perfect time to grab one as the Eid Sales are going on with a 30% off for the set.

And this is going to be a perfect Eid gift for your friend who has a kiddo to get on the learners bandwagon.

Eid Sale is HERE..Or you can buy the single issues  at Amazon or from here..




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