BookReview: #AlhamdulillahForSeries

August 14, 2016


Title : Alhamdulillah For Series {A Muslim’s mini Gratitude Journal}

Author: Ayeina

Available at : Ayeinas  E-Store & Amazon 


Before  beginning  the review  for this awesome book, I have a confession to make.

I came across this bundle of goodness about a month back. And as I went through Ayeinas website {} and other reviews on this series, I was sure that I shouldn’t miss this. And I grabbed a review copy the very next chance and went through it as soon as I received it.

This is a gratitude journal for Muslims around the world ” to spread joy and gratitude towards Allah, in places we sometimes forget to see” , as described in the first pages of the book. So clearly this is not a book that you just go through and comment on.

I needed to contemplate the very idea of the book and see how it affects myself. I thought I will put up the review once I do that. And I said Tomorrow. And tomorrows never end. And howsoever guilty I felt as the days passed by, I just felt the moment hasn’t come until today.

Today I had a purchase to make and we went to a nearby mall. After getting what we went for quite easily and way better than what I wanted, I just hovered around the isle to buy some stuff for me. BH had a long day at the office and it was already late to return but yet, as usual, he was keeping up with my never-ending search for “the best”. As usual, after about an hour of futile search, I started to feel disturbed. I started having all the negative thoughts about me and even had a long face before him, despite all his support on the matter. I started to feel that “why me?” syndrome soon and despised all the positive things around me. Once we returned home, while I was going through my emails, I just happened to spot this book again. 

And Alhamdulillah!!!

All the Praises and Thanks to ALLAH!!

I quickly took the book and started reading. It was an eye-opening reminder. Well, I believe this is the magic that this book has to offer. Alhamdulillah for Ayeina ๐Ÿ™‚

 The very first verse that opens up the book reminds us of the need for the attitude of gratitude. “I f you are grateful, I will surely increase you “(Quran-14:7). Abundance is the result of the choice to be grateful for what we have. Often in life, we keep on looking on the darker sides of life and forget the little things around us that make our life beautiful. Unless we start appreciating those pleasures, we would never find abundance- materially as well as spiritually.

The rest of the pages of the book are filled with beautiful reminders of those forgotten blessings of life with the tag  “Alhamdulillah for———” Ayeina has taken care to include many of those taken granted for things in life from  the roof over our head to the new beginnings we make in our everyday life. Ayeina puts up Alhamdulillah tag with various things under categories of basic necessities, relationships, Islam and a general category depicting Alhamdulillah for everything which anyone can associate with their life wherever they live. Notes are accompanied by beautiful painted illustrations making it more kids friendly too. I have read reviews where people used this journal as a family and that is a highlight of the book.


 The attitude of gratitude is something we often need to nurture with conscious efforts. And here is where a journal serves the purpose. Ayeina’s mini journal would be a perfect choice for this purpose as well. There are numbered lines for the readers to jot down their own reflections on gratitude for a month. This will help us to build up the habit as well as make us ponder on the various blessings we haven’t noticed ever before.


In brief, this small beautiful book urges the readers to look into themselves and see the light of gratitude that resides within  which can illuminate the whole life happening around them.

And without this light, we would feel miserable in spite of the riches, and with this light, we would feel content even in the rags.

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  1. What a beautiful ending note <3 The personal touch to your review made it even more beautiful. Jazakillah khair for your kind words ๐Ÿ™‚ May Allah always help us fill the half glass by seeing it half full!

  2. Very well written Sister Farzana. Your review gave a very nice insight into this amazing book. Indeed we shouldn’t take anything for granted and thank Allah for each and everything.

  3. Alhamdulillah for this review!!! I came across a picture of this book on my fb feed at the beginning of Ramadan; vowed to find out more about it and promptly forgot. So you can imagine how grateful I am to you Farzana for the beautiful reminder. Your review was a pleasure to read, specially love your ending. That’s a beautiful quote. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book now, It sounds like it will make a great gift as well. Kudos to the author and Jzk dear sis xx

    1. Thanks a ton Sarah for your kind words. That’s my pleasure that I could redirect you to this awesome work.Yeah this is a perfect gift I must say.. <3

  4. I have been reading reviews of this book for quite sometime now and I got this book just last week!

    I was intending to do as something related to my daughter…well because Aug is her b’day month. Forgot about it until now lol

    I loved the ending of your post.

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