Alive or Just Breathing??

April 3, 2016

By Victor Diaz Lamich [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Victor Diaz Lamich [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Two and half months.

That is  really a long break.Apologies.Thank You for your understanding 🙂

When this whole blogging idea came to my mind, obviously, the first question that popped in my head was what to blog on.Fortunately,but at times unfortunately though,iam a person of multiple interests.I wanted to write and share about every one of them.So there was a confusion for a while.As usual BH came to rescue.A Superman he is!!;-)

He said i should do the way i feel to.So here iam to share pretty much on everything that happens in my life.And thus i started on Day 1..I started to eyeball my daily activities with a reporters curiosity to air the headlines.The first weeks went off as i couldnt find them much captivating for me to share.I decided to wait for something to happen.

Weeks passed.

I started to constantly check my blog and sigh how long it has been.BH had made the page as homepage(a psychological move??Excuse me but i am the doctor here!!).When the sighs grew into regrets and then self-pitying I even tried using a new browser(that was my little secret..sshh)..

In brief, it was like no happenings so no posts.No blogging.No sharing.No writing.I was always concentrating on this end part regarding the blog.But there was something graver than the writing issue.

No happenings!!

That meant i was just taking the oxygen available drinking the water and having the food bestowed for free and sleeping cosy on this balanced and blessed earth and enjoying all the virtues of being chosen over 1.5 lakh people(it is estimated that an average of 1.5 lakh people die daily) and still making nothing happen??!!Then thats a serious issue than not finding a topic for my blogpost..I was just breathing and not alive.I was just going by the tide and not building a sail.Thats pathetic.Thats something i need to do about right now.

Alive or Just breathing??This question should be a constantly asked one in our conscience.Its ok to fall and fail.Its ok that we feel desperate and regretful.But it shouldnt be ok for us not to try.Not to put effort.Not to make things happen.

So how are you?

Alive or Just Breathing??




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  1. and enjoying all the virtues of being chosen over 1.5 lakh people…

    The answer would be another deep sigh. But thanks. .for reminding. Good going dear. Let’s meet at this space frequently, hopefully then there would be more moments to make us feel alive. 🙂

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