A Thought On Self-Help Books

January 5, 2016
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photo credit: IMG_6439.JPG via photo pin (license)

Back in the college, we had a place to get together and share good word…In one such class, the speaker was a junior of mine there…While explaining some things she referred that we are so insecure and uninspired within us inside and that is why many of the people in world has to seek the help of self-help books….People are seeking answers with others for their own life.She said.


As the one who has ”The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” as one of the favourite books and who has the collection of Dale Carnegie and who finds inspiration in Paulo Coelho, to name a few, the immediate response was “Oh No Way…reading self-help books is not that evil..come on..They surely helps..u might not have read them are anyways young to understand..;-)

But to say the truth reading those books I adored so much till then, was not that easy from then on…I had a creepy feeling that I am seeking someone’s help without a need…I began thinking twice before I step into that section in any bookshop…And if at all I got into that section I used to peek whether others are sympathizing me. 😀

But anyways I kept reading them and still do…And I still love it…So the question is this.Is it a sign that we are dependent on others for our own answers??Does loving them means we are insecure deep inside??

Having read them all these years including the best personal growth blogs over here, I should say they are quite a guide in our journey to excellence…The authors share many experiences that give you new insights about your own life.You come along many characters who are a lot similar like yourselves or a friend in trouble and maybe you end up helping someone else from these data and insights you get…Reading is the best productive way of spending time too.

Where then do the problem arise??The only problem is that we often ignore the ‘self’ in the self-help. If someone is trying to help you through the words, what they actually do is inspire you inside…You are the one who needs to take the action.When someone ignore this ‘self’ they probably end up in reading the same stuff over and over again and literally end up seeking answers with others all the time as my friend said in the college…Whatsoever the topic is all those books and blogs finally ask you to do the work.And unless you start there is not going to be any change in anything outside or inside…

So your house can remain in clutters even after reading so many FlyLady articles.You might still linger upon your fit-in-mould jobs even, after all those chase your dream lectures.You will still continue to be sulky after reading 1001 ways to be happy…Unless and until you realise that ‘SELF’ in self-help resources… 

“It Is By Acts And not Ideas That People Live..”~Anatole France

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