Would You Still Wait To Take That Chance?

January 5, 2016


“My blog is on the way…So this will be a post before the blog is born.”

We were in the car.My BH was sitting next to me  and talking to his brother.I knew this is going to be a long wait before he starts the car as the guys get into their technical discussions…For some weeks, the blog is what is in my thoughts in every free time I get..As I imagined myself writing my heart out every day of my blogger life, I had this instant urge to take out my pen and paper to write…

Short Story.

I couldn’t wait to write.Oh, i know that would be a rhetorical statement…There are things that we ‘cant wait to’…like meeting the family or devouring the dessert or reading a harry potter climax.But Writing??REALLY??!!

Even I didn’t realise that until I decided to blog seriously.How did writing become so tempting and a can’t wait for experience to me all of a sudden?

Actually we all have some things that we love to do.Reading, Writing, Speaking, Cooking, or anything apart from the works we do under an ‘ought to ‘ list.We often mistakenly regard this ‘ought to’ category as ‘can’t wait’ list either due to urgency or the physical reasons that get tagged with them.And we ignore our love to do list or just pile them to the ‘later’ list..Happens with me, with everyone I guess.

But do we really think about what we are doing?In a Mel Robbins talk there was a point that really struck me..the odds of each of us ,you and me , being born is calculated to be 1 in 400 trillion!!!It’s amazing..You and I are that one yes amongst a 400 trillion no’s…If you have a 400 trillion reason to think that you are not fit where you are but still you have got one right reason to be there.That is the extent of uniqueness we actually possess.But what are we doing with that blessed uniqueness??

With the current system of education and the social paradigms about “good living”  most of us end up in similar lives.The problem lies in putting away the wrong “can wait for list” which actually has the sparks we all are different by the grace of the Creator..And so one who would excel in writing ends up being an engineer.And a guy who has brainstorming ideas on social changes is also an engineer..Another one who could have been a great artist is also an engineer, And so finally we have 3 engineer lives which had to be legendarily unique but now similarly stuck in what they have become.

So this year take that list of yours.Start doing the thing you love.Be the master of your life.Fulfill that single reason you are here.Remember if it is not now, it is going to be after a 400 trillion lives later..Would you wait till then??

I can’t. I can’t wait to write.

BH hung up the call.

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  1. So happy to see your ‘can’t wait’ realisation a reality. As a friend who has always find depth in even the subtle things you utter everytime, I wait to see this journey of yours finding lot of beautiful unique meanings in it’s course. Just continue writing your heart out.

  2. Ah! Finally I got you Stalker! 😛 Just kidding.. I was seeing your name pop up one by one in my social networks but never got to this until I reached the Pinterest! So this is where you intent to start the writing journey! All the best dear and going through here just took me back to my early days of blogging! 😛 Have fun and welcome abroad!

    1. Hehe..thank you for stopping by..i got to your blog accidentally..and i dont know if it is the same place or same taste or interests,your space felt familiar to me..and yeah to be honest i have been stalking around 😛 Juniors gotta learn from seniors right? 😀

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