7 Tips To Welcome Ramadan 2016

May 16, 2016

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Ramadan 2016 will soon be here..

Welcoming Ramadan is an exciting but equally challenging job..As always we need it to be the best Ramadan of our life..

Ramadan is the month of Quran,the month which the Quran was sent down from Almighty..And believers are ordered to fast for the entire month in recognition with that..Ramadan actually comes from the Arabic word Ramada meaning scorching a way it refers to the summer heat of the month of Ramadan..its also assumed to be referring to the heat that moulds metals which points to the moulding of characters of believers during this month..

That was a short introduction for Ramadan..

In brief every believer is keen waiting and welcoming Ramadan..But do we properly prepare for the month?Apart from some grocery shopping and a cleaning saga do we plan or prepare anything before Day 1??And isn’t it very common among us that we complain in the end that “oh it was so fast a month” or ” OMG!! i didn’t get time to do anything better”..

I know.I too go through all these.So for a start here 7 tips to a more fruitful and happier

Ramadan this time insha Allah 🙂

Set Specific Goals.

Yes.Its a way too old a tip.But you should think about why it’s so much of an old familiar tip.Yes because it works!!

We should set goals for ourselves before Ramadan arrives..May it be Quran learning or behavioral excellence or even about the mode of food to be served during Ramadan,we should set goals..And that should be specific..Instead of random words like “I will learn Quran” think about what you can achieve in a month time within your daily schedule.

Gather the Resources.

Since you have decided your own individual goals by now,it is time for you to gather all available resources to achieve that..
You can search for online resources including books,articles,you tube videos,webinars, channel subscriptions etc or search for a mentor or a partner or think of creating support groups and so on..If you are someone who don’t live online,you can pick up some books from your nearby bookstore regarding your Ramadan goals or search for study centers or halaqas that share your motives.
Its time for you to check your pantry and see what all are necessary to include when you hit the grocers next time that tally with your menu goals..And for the cooking schedule,you can now collect recipes and arm yourself with homemade pantry essentials which will help you much in cutting short the cooking time during Ramadan.

Make a Plan and Start Early.

Goals set.
Resources ready.

It is time to create a plan to reach those goals with the resources available..Consider your daily work schedule and availability of free hours while making the plan.

And while making plan break it into three segments(the three tens)or as your convenience and take the break point to assess if the plan is working.Also you can make changes as necessary..Also put up a plan that starts at least 2 days before Ramadan so that you are already on the wagon when Ramadan starts.It will help you tackle the starting trouble and the regrets that follow it during Ramadan..

And it is important to decide a few hours or minutes of time period daily to work towards your monthly goal..
Also try to plan around your salah times so that you would develop the habit of planning your day around salah even after Ramadan.
While creating plan try your maximum to include daily menu plans because you know the main question that rob so much of a housewife’s time during Ramadan is “What is for Iftar?”

Take care of your home and job.

Now the planning part is over.Its time you get into some action.Back at home there is a custom of a thorough cleaning saga prior to Ramadan at every home..Its often hectic and is done in a ritualistic way.Though i don;t suggest to do that in an exhaustive manner,its good to get your home a good cleaning prior Ramadan..Try doing the pending file works at office and those ‘later’ tagged housekeeping jobs before Ramadan..This will lighten your works during Ramadan and give more time towards achieving your goals.

Hold a family meeting.

Family meeting is something i really want everyone to do every month.If you are not yet into it,start this month.
Lay out your plan and ask each of them to describe theirs..It will help for a better Ramadan and to strengthen the family as well.Get your children and little siblings involved in Ramadan.Assign them goals if needed.You can think of dividing your cooking tasks with kids or siblings or husband to save you more time..

Knowing each others goals and plans will make each of us more responsible to achieve them and be considerate of others time.


Prepare for Eid too..

This might seem too much.But trust me.It is important as the Ramadan plan.Decide about the dress,menu,holiday plans before Ramadan as we don’t want to spend time on them in the last ten.Prepare or buy Eid gifts and sweets etc beforehand if you do plan gifting them.


Keep it simple and flexible.

Well this point is to be stressed over and over.
Make all plans and menus and goals simple.As you get to the track you can include more if needed.But if it gets hectic from the start and you get tired its very likely to be dropped soon.

And always be flexible.Howsoever planned there are chances for things to run upside down.Pick up yourself; accept the situation; make necessary changes and move on.
Remember Allah looks over our intentions and the rest rests with Him..

Have a Happy and Productive Ramadan…

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