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January 8, 2017
365daysofhealthychoices -clean eating


I take a lot of resolutions when it comes to health. Yup. A lot. So you get the picture right? It is like quitting smoking a lot of times. And no. I am not proud of it. But honestly I am kind to myself about that irresolute behaviour of me. Who will be kind to yourself if not you ! So though i regret not posting any update on my earlier post of 365daysofhealthychoices as promised, I don’t feel to hide myself from the promise I didn’t keep. So here I am starting the series afresh with more wisdom and better reasons to  hang on to the health realm.

So straight away the point is things are worse and I know it completely. But still it is in my hands. Of course at least the half part. And it is the case with anyone of you who is beginning to make a change in your messed up life. There is always a chance to start again. And that applies to anything around us -health, habits, relationships, career, dreams or anything. If you feel the opposite, maybe you need to put some effort into looking for the possibilities and have the patience to wait for the results. You didn’t reach where you are overnight. Don’t expect to reach anywhere else in a day as well. Perseverance is the key.

So here is the first step I took for a healthier life.

I  switched  on  to clean  eating.

Yes,I have  tried  it  many  times  before  only  to fall  off  the  bandwagon  every  other  day. But alhamdulilllah (all  praises to  lord), I  have  kept  this  promise  to  myself  for two months .  Two months  is  no  much  time , True. But what  is  more noteworthy is  the positive attitude I had developed these days.

If any  of  you is  struggling  with  keeping  up  with  the  clean  eating  habits  here  are  some  tips that might help. These worked for me. Hope they benefit you as well.


  • Clean eating shouldn’t mean restrictive diets .

If you are a foodie and  someone  who  enjoy  the   act  of  eating ,you would know what I mean. Instead see it  as  a chance  a to include healthier options. Clean eating is a happy practice of adding more veggies or  fruits  and  healthy  fats  and  proteins  to  your  daily  platter so that  we  live longer  and  better  on  this  beautiful earth. The only things  you  have to limit is those that harm  your  body which  is  still  a good  deal. 

  • Follow  80/20 rule.

It  is  fine if  you  do  elimination  diets  in  case  of  food  substances  which  are  totally  harmful  to  your  body. Like   if  you  have  gluten  allergy  or  seafood  or  peanut  allergy,  the  only  choice  is  to  cut  them  from  your  diet.  But  Hey!  No worries. Focus  on  the  million  other  things  you  can savour  and  enjoy.

But unless in  such  emergency  scenarios , its better  you  follow  the  80/20 rules.  Just  if your  food is  80% clean  and  nourishing,  just  keep  a 20%  part  for  minor swaps. And don’t cheat yourself about that “minor”. Just keeping that cup of joe or sauting veggies in a lil bit oil and savoring a small piece of your favorite piece of pastry once in a while is okay if you follow cleaner options other times of the day.

  • Keep portion control.

I must say this is the key to healthy eating. It is not just about what you eat, but how much you eat counts. Learn to eat till you satisfy your hunger and not more than that. Whatever food that be, indulgences or the regular healthy foods, keep the portion size. If you find it difficult to stop like that, drink a glass of water before any meal. And use smaller dessert plates for your meal. It works. 

  • The art of mindful eating

Enjoy the time you take for eating. It’s a long forgotten etiquette for us to start eating with Bismillah (In the name of Lord) and to say Alhamdulillah (All praises to Lord) upon finishing a meal. In our hurry, we often say it as a ritual without giving heads to what is being said. Eating mindfully and slowly while enjoying whatever is on plate gives you a sense of gratitude about the blessing of food. You would seem to begin and end the meal in the name of Lord with a feel of mental and physical satiety.

  • Include more veggies and fruits.

This is a healthy swap that will improve much of your diet and life. Remember to fill the half of the plate with veggies at every meal. Or include a fruit when possible.This will help you feel fuller quickly and help you better the skin, hair and immunity aspects of the body. 

  • Try variety of foods and recipes.

Yes. This is the best part of my life about healthy eating. It made me look out of the box for recipes that include more veggies and fruits in the meals. And we will find tons of recipes in various cuisines. Google them and see what works for your taste buds. This will also help you keep inclined to clean food by nature later.

  • Drink lots of water.

Water is the purest thing you can feed your body with. Drinking about 8 glasses of water a day will keep us hydrated and alert throughout the day. Replace those sugary juices and sodas with water so that you benefit your body and the wallet.

  • Keep readily available healthy snacks.

Fruits and nuts are great snacks. Agree.But if you are someone who can’t digest the idea of calling them a snack like myself, dress them up to truffles and bars which you might enjoy. Or you can opt steamed traditional recipes as well. Whatever it is make sure that you have some healthy option to munch on when you are hungry or feeling a bit low or craving something post meals.

  • Early to sleep and early to rise and early to eat.

Finally this was a great step that helped me in this make over. Sleeping early and getting up early gives you the chance to eat early. Early breakfast and early dinner. Both are essential to keep you feel nourished with the food you eat throughout the day.

In brief clean eating is not about dieting or weight loss though we tend to think of food that way only when we fall sick or start panting while walking a few blocks away. Clean eating should be practised in our family like a lifestyle and should pass over through our generations. So that our children and family enjoys every bit of the life they are blessed with. It is a matter of perspective about our food habits. Like anything else we can train our taste buds to like good food as well. Only if we put that effort to do it. I especially wish the parents took care of their kids food habits nowadays. That plain paper of their taste memory. Don’t mess it up with those artificial unhealthy choices we make in our hurry.

Holy Quran teaches us to have food that is halal (lawful) and twayyib (good/wholesome/pure). Often we focus on the lawful and concentrates on that only and overlook the word twayyib aka good wholesome food. Why don’t we practise our meticulous inspection to know if something is halal to ensure something is wholesome and good as well? Are we not just obeying what we feel like and discarding what we don’t feel like? And isn’t that a hated thing for our Lord? Well we need to take care of our food seriously guys.

Live better. Do better.



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    1. Hi dear☺ missed you all as well..was in a bit long vacation:)hope to be back into this soon..yup it took like ages fr me to figure out this clean eating n sleepwell principle in real life:mrgreen:but trust me..once u start doing it, it becomes ur second nature soon☺

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