365 Days Of Healthy Choices

July 19, 2016


Lately I have been thinking a lot about healthy ways of living. Things are quite ugly when it comes to health in an expat flat. You don’t have the life you lived in your beautiful childhood. Your movement is often limited from couch to bed to kitchen and back. There is no backyard or courtyard to run to talk to neighbours or get the herbs for the final  “tadka” or get the clothes laid for drying.Yes there are five rooms and five or more lives breathing walking talking and living in that little space.

Yes thankfully we have the roof and space to live which many amongst us still dream of. All Praises to Lord. My point was how easy it is here to be a couch potato or to be the lazy lady living inside the comfort castles(Believe me it’s not a zone..It is Elsa’s castle for real if you ask me❄).

Well did you think i am talking about myself?Actually I was talking about you😁 Well,since you thought so, let it be so.No offence.This girl is an angel when coming to forgiving people😇

Jokes apart.This is a series I start for myself and hopefully it might help you too.Remember my health post. I am not into any diet to reclaim health. I really want this process of reclaiming health to be a lifestyle. Something i do on a regular basis. A wholehearted happy conscious journey of living healthy.

From today kick starting a project of 365 Days Of Healthy Choices to keep learning and be alert about the daily choices we make. And I would share the insights and the gems of the long journey here through a weekly round-up on things hopefully.

Join me in this and share with me what all you found out each week. It need not be herculean tasks or changes.It can be as simple as using the stairs instead of lift in the flat,office or the hangout malls to a complicated circuit workout we do one day in the future or anything that reminds us about reclaiming health. It can be even a blog post or article that you choose to read on a day regarding health.The point is to think and care about enjoying a healthy living every single day.

If God Willing.Yes, If God willing.

There is no guarantee where and what we would be 365 days from today.

But remember this is all about the journey.

About being the best throughout this blessed journey.

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