Making A Difference

April 27, 2016

“Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best..”

–Henry Van Dyke..


I really love quotes.The words have an infinite power of lifting us from any deep dungeons we get ourselves in.There are moments when a text message from a friend makes you forget all the pain.Or the sentence you just read in a book makes all the difference in your life.Words,Language,Literature,Scriptures,Communication and such forms of combining words and providing meanings might be the best thing we human possess.They really form the bridge between each of us.

This quote is the bridge between and Henry..Some quotes are revisited by us frequently at different places..This is such a kind..Often in life we reach to some point when we feel really interested in certain things and to do something about it..Say blogging for example.The next moment you get discouraged by the overwhelming flood of perfect bloggers before you.You start feeling less.And questions pop up..Am i really able to??Whats the use of one more??Or is it i need to prepare and wait some more??or maybe i should try something else later??You find these doubts soon overtake the interest and courage you had.And you postpone or at times cancel the whole idea..Well iam not here to give you or assure myself the false promises that we are the best in whatever we do.Whatever we choose to put our hands on,there will be always a Picasso or Shakespeare or Mother Teresa way ahead of us.


My concern is why does this whole drama of start-doubt-drop happen?Why cant we just do it and be content?As you think of the reason you will find every doubt we have about ourselves setting into one fear-fear of not proving ourselves.And this leads to the question of what do we actually seek through this expressions of our talents or anything in our arsenal.The real problem lies there.If we choose to express them for the sake of expression or proving ourselves we are overcome by the stress of being the best.We feel awkward to be anything less than the best.

Instead we need to do things or use our talents and resources for the sake of doing our duty in this life.If you write you are not gonna write because you are the best but that is what you should do..If you can teach you should be a teacher not because you are gonna be the best teacher but that is how you give your share of building a better world.And so if you are still in the path of figuring out yourselves,dont put off an idea that fascinates you just because you dont seem to be the best in doing that.Howsoever little it is,simple it seems,your work is worth your life in this world.If we can put all our heart into what we are doing to make this world a better place it is worth the effort though it might not seem that way externally at times.And the credits and excellence will follow as you grow up..Every creature on earth has this duty to perform here..We know the whole balance of our earth rests on this individual expressions of every living things over this planet.And so it would be foolish if the ant thinks it cant be like the kite above or if kite decide to sit idle just because it cannot march through the holes like ants do.

During our Medicine studies,we had dissection of human body as a part of the curriculum.The dissection hall was a nightmare for every first years-the formalin smell and the sight of cadavers always gave us a shiver during early days.These cadavers were kept in a small room attached to hall with a tub like arrangement for formalin preservation.Koyakka as he was called around was the person assigned as attendant of the department..a thin medium statured man with pointed nose and light dark complexion who had always an aimless grin on his face..somehow he always reminded me of the cadaveric silence of dissection hall.Koyakka talked very less,he came early in the morning on his cycle and goes straight to hall and leaves silently in the afternoon locking the hall..When we reach the hall this thin man gets into the small room and pulls out the corpse to the stretcher and pushes to where the teacher wants that to be..With bare hands he would be aligning the months old corpse and its parts without a blink of an eye..After the dissection is over he cleans the whole mess and keeps the room as nothing happened ever..till the next morning.We have seen him do this routine for years.I have always wondered about this man.How silently he does his work and how calm and composed he grins at us when we pass him..I had thought of his family too..How would they be living with someone who reminds of corpse and smell formalin..We are often astounded by such simple silent lives around content with the simple impossible things they do..I did pass hundreds of faces for the rest of my college life but Koyakka will stay distinct as long as the college memories stay..just because he had done his duty with all heart..

You need not be great to make differences.Making a difference is what makes you great.

And making a difference is doing whatever you can with what you have  where you are..







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