Jamaican Carrot Drink at Reclaimingheart

Jamaican Carrot Drink

Hey Lovelies So I added a new section in Recipes as Drinks and this is the Inauguration Post. I wish to introduce exotic Drinks recipes here to explore and enable you with more options when it comes to serving a decent drink for all your parties and get-togethers. So this is Jamaican Carrot Drink I tried a couple of times before and fell in love with. The use of Nutmeg gets it into a different level of taste. Please see the notes for all the tips and variations as well. […]

365daysofhealthychoices -clean eating

365 Days Of Healthy Choices ~#CleanEating

  I take a lot of resolutions when it comes to health. Yup. A lot. So you get the picture right? It is like quitting smoking a lot of times. And no. I am not proud of it. But honestly I am kind to myself about that irresolute behaviour of me. Who will be kind to yourself if not you ! So though i regret not posting any update on my earlier post of 365daysofhealthychoices as promised, I don’t feel to hide myself from the promise I didn’t keep. So here […]

7 ways to deal with long to-do lists


    Do you make to-do lists? I make a lot of them. I remember making them since school days under different names like the daily plan, timetable, to-do list etc while planning my studies or daily life or vacation. Whatever ride I am in, I had a list with me. For people like me, these lists are a habit. Howsoever less you reach a finished list, It doesn’t stop you from making new ones. In life, when we are trying to play multiple roles and have the inability to […]

Badam Kulfi- A Royal Summer treat with milk and almonds which is easy to prepare and utterly delicious !!

Badam Kulfi – A Royal Summer Treat

  Kulfis have always been a favourite of mine. We rarely got it where we lived and so whenever I had the chance I always chose kulfi over any other frozen treats. Kulfis are Indian Ice creams which are more creamy and denser than usual ice cream. They are made in various flavours like cardamom, pista, saffron or with fruit flavours of mango, strawberry and so on. I had tried mango before but this Badam Kulfi beats any other flavour I had ever tried. This recipe is adapted from Sharmis Passions with […]

Healthy Date Truffles

  Healthy eating is synonymous to avoiding processed food. But our diet includes various kinds of processed food which often seems irreplaceable. And so the option available is to reduce their use or to find healthier versions especially when it comes to snacks as snacks are often loaded sugars and unhealthy fats. Healthy Date Truffle is a nutritious and delicious snack which can be made ahead and kept for times you crave something sweet and healthy. And the good news is it is quick and easy to make too. This […]

BookReview: #AlhamdulillahForSeries

  Title : Alhamdulillah For Series {A Muslim’s mini Gratitude Journal} Author: Ayeina Available at : Ayeinas  E-Store & Amazon    Before  beginning  the review  for this awesome book, I have a confession to make. I came across this bundle of goodness about a month back. And as I went through Ayeinas website {www.ayeina.com} and other reviews on this series, I was sure that I shouldn’t miss this. And I grabbed a review copy the very next chance and went through it as soon as I received it. This is […]

365 Days Of Healthy Choices

  Lately I have been thinking a lot about healthy ways of living. Things are quite ugly when it comes to health in an expat flat. You don’t have the life you lived in your beautiful childhood. Your movement is often limited from couch to bed to kitchen and back. There is no backyard or courtyard to run to talk to neighbours or get the herbs for the final  “tadka” or get the clothes laid for drying.Yes there are five rooms and five or more lives breathing walking talking and […]